21.10.2012, 12:52 ::
I thought it was cool that you tried snoethimg so different from what you usually do. Not many people have the courage to travel into unfamiliar galaxies, but you did. In my opinion, you didn't lose. When you left the show, you didn't seem to be questioning your abilities. Instead, you came across as even more devoted to what you do best. You get to spend every day doing what you love to do. How many people can say that?Also-Hopefully your girlfriend won't stay mad. Lola seems to be a woman who manipulates men. She looks bored around women, but when a man comes around, she goes into gear. I never saw you initiating interaction, it was always her. She blew smoke up all the men's asses, even the supposedly urbane and sophisticated posteriors of the all-knowing judges.

02.11.2007, 14:37 ::
ach, tam tak zawsze mrocznie było :d

01.11.2007, 17:07 ::
nie... to w kościele w rynku ;)

01.11.2007, 10:03 ::
uroczy, ale czy ty miedźwo nie masz goprzypadkiem zawieczonego na ścianie w piwnicy??;p taka podejrzana tekstura ścienna:p